Co-Leader of the Afterburners


Young-ish Ork. You can quickly tell why he has the name Tollbooth, as he’s built like one: square, stocky, and immovable. Especially now that he has his brand new only slightly used cybernetic arm. Taken from a humanis funded ganger, with the help of Gurney and Jester, it still looks like he’s still getting used to the size and strength of the thing. He is a dark green color, with short cropped black hair, and a square face that looks like it has taken quite a few fists to it.

Afterburner and Spyder run the Afterburners like a big frat house. It’s all a big party, except when it comes to protecting their turf, and their people. Then they are bunch of junkyard dogs with nothing to lose.


Who Killed Jimmy Decker? Nightfalke