Sean "Crash" O'Neill

Red-headed Irish hacker/rigger, of the elven persuasion.



Sean grew up the rainy industrial town of Kilkenny. A typical middle class childhood, supported by your typical middle managers. That was, until the day his sister disappeared. It was a cold and rainy night, only a week after Matrix crash 2.0. His sister was on the matrix when the worm hit. She was one of the lucky ones who’s brains weren’t fried. Her parents weren’t so lucky.
A few days after the crash, Daedra, Sean’s sister, developed a fever and severe headache. Before long, she was unconscious. Sean took her to the state-run hospital, and that was the last time he ever saw her.
Sean believes the government is behind her disappearance. Taken because of her purported “vurtuokinetic powers”. That’s as far as his searches took him, before he was caught. As a consequence of his actions, we was exiled from Ireland. He knew people from the VR gaming community in Seattle, where he set up shop, working out of his small apartment, doing odd matrix jobs and working at Xio Hama, as a security spider.

Sean "Crash" O'Neill

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