Who Killed Jimmy Decker?

Reverse Retirement Part 2

Jester pulls up to the apartment in a stretched limo, waving goodbye to the mysterious people within. Noticing that his car is gone, he gives a call to Gurney, and they tell him to get down to Demon’s Gate, filling him in on the details of the run on the way.

Sean “Crash” O’Neill hacks into Yoshi’s commlink looking to hack into his cybereyes, setting off the alert. Crash shuts down the alert, and sets up a sniffer program to send a copy of any messages Yoshi gets to him.

Yoshi leaves the bar, bumping into Jester...who deftly relieves Yoshi of his light pistol. Yoshi then gets into his car, attempting to start it. Setting off the alarm, Yoshi jumps into the car’s node to figure it out. Crash jumps into the car to edit the program, and starts fighting Yoshi in the matrix. Using blackout, Crash knocks Yoshi out. They all get Yoshi into the PCs car, and peel out.

They call up Johnson and learn the dropoff point is a warehouse in Southern Tacoma. Taking back roads and staying off the main highways, they start their way to the dropoff. Jester was taking point with the package in his car, and Gurney trailing on the motorcycle. On the road, they spot a black SUV tailing them. Crash sniffs for the SUV’s node, hacks it, shuts the car down, and sets off the crash protective foam.

The team arrives at the warehouse to deliver Yoshi. Simple 2 story warehouse with a number of loading dock doors in front, a pair of skylights, a couple offices to one side. They notice a stronger than normal Knights Errant presence around the area.


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