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  • "Rat-Face" McCoy

    A slimeball fixer who is only looking out for himself...and everybody knows it. However, he does have the rep for getting the right team into the right job and getting results. His poor attitude is one of the things keeping him from hitting the big time …

  • Benjamin Tate

    Late 30s, early 40s human male. Usually seen wearing his motorcycle racing leather jacket, ratty concert t-shirt form a long forgotten Goblin Rock band, and dark leather pants. Hangs out at [[The Industrial | The Industrial]], doing biz of all sorts.

  • Savannah

    5'5" human female, (5'10" in her favorite heels). Beautiful woman with statuesque features, long dark flowing hair, and a long lean frame with just enough curves to make things interesting. Is typically seen wearing a long black dress with a long slit …

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