Demon's Gate

Demon’s Gate is a goth club about 3 blocks from Touristville in the Redmond Barrens.

The building is a 2 story former office building, with an AR pair of sexy well-endowed devils, complete with tiny bat wings and tails, flanking the door, which itself looks like an ornate iron gate.

Upon entering, there are immediately stairs going up which leads to a circular walkway overlooking a circular dance floor. Everything here is wrought iron and deep reds and purples and blacks. The circular walkway branches off at the 3 and 9 o clock positions from the doorway to small bar/lounge areas with tables and soft couches. The 6 o clock position is a grand staircase leading down to the dance floor and more industrial portion of the club, with women dancing in cages suspended from the walkway above with more chrome and gunmetal.

To those with the VIP membership, there are two entrances to the basement VIP lounge, one in each lounge. A spot on the wall is outlined in AR by a wreath of flame, and passing through it opens a door leading to a wrought iron spiral staircase into “The Lounge”. The Lounge is the S&M/bondage portion of the club, with a sensual dungeon theme to it. Exposed rock and candlelight, with soft accents is the style here. The Lounge is basically symmetrical, with similar rooms along each wall. The first set of rooms have a Saint Andrew’s Cross as the main feature. The next three areas are small private alcoves with enough room for a small bed or couch. The far wall features 5 private rooms. The two corner rooms on the far wall from the entrance are the ‘midevil fantasy’ rooms, with a 4 poster bed and other midevil accents. The center room is the gold suite, which is only for gold members. The middle rooms along the wall are bondage rooms, with a rotating bench, and other accoutrements.

Demon's Gate

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